Service Agreement

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The Big Four

While we know that most of you are just dying to peruse the copious pages of lawyer speak that makes up a typical service agreement, we decided to try and make this a little more enjoyable. Please review our short article that sums up the main points in plain English with some pretty awesome illustration (if we do say so ourselves). Don’t worry, you’ll still get to check out the full version of our service agreement after these four quick, but very important points….

MayDay!  MayDay!

Should the internet go down with the ship, make sure you stay afloat! No matter your service of choice, don't rely on the internet as your only emergency life raft. If you do, well, you won't be able to call for help and that would make for a big, sad face, friend! The solution? Be a landlubber, mate, and don't give up the landline with the ship! We recommend keeping that hardwired landline because come foul weather or sketchy seas, you'll be able to call for help pronto! But don't take our word for it; let our friends at the FCC convince you:

Quick Note! Customers are responsible for maintaining the line of sight from the exterior antenna to Valley Internet's relay.

A Word About Going Full Boar...

When it comes to your internet service, don't go hog wild! Like every internet service provider, we deliver internet to our customers on a shared basis, so please be a dear and don't go hog wild with the bandwidth. We're all about constantly upgrading and improving the network for our customers, but the capacity is finite and you'll always share the network with your nice, friendly, super-cool ValleyInternet compadres. Should you end up hogging so much bandwidth that your fellow ValleyInternet pals are impacted, you may find yourself in the dog house with your bandwidth throttled to a lower speed. But don't worry; we'll let you know before we throttle or we may ask you to upgrade to one of our dedicated bandwidth plans.  

What does a hog look like?

  1. Running a bittorrent server and allowing everyone to attempt downloading from you.  Oh, and btw, that's also illegal.
  2. Playing your Netflix content with no audience in attendance.  

So remember: By playing nice and sharing the bandwidth, everyone (including you!) will be in hog heaven.

Ethernet Handoff vs. Managed Network

In one corner, Ethernet Handoff. In the opposite corner, Managed Network. What's the difference, what can you expect from each and which contender is the clear favorite? Just know that we're in your corner and we've boiled down the essentials into explanations that are clear, concise and easy to understand!

Ethernet Handoff Facts
Ethernet Handoff Facts

With Ethernet Handoff, we install an outdoor antenna and connect it to a Smart Adaptor inside your home or business. From the Smart Adaptor, we supply you with ethernet connectivity, which you connect to a router that you are responsible for providing and setting up. Our service effectively works with all ethernet routers (not DSL or cable). Not sure if your equipment works with our service? No problem! Just give us a call and tell us the make and model of your router. We're here to help!

Translation: With the Ethernet Handoff, you're responsible for purchasing, establishing, and managing your network on your own.

Don’t forget! When our team leaves, you will not be connected to the internet until you setup your router!

With Ethernet Handoff, ValleyInternet can troubleshoot connectivity up to the Smart Adaptor that we've installed on site at your home or business, and we provide a 90-day limited warranty on the new set up and equipment.  

Managed Network Facts

ValleyInternet installs, maintains, upgrades and provides technical support for all networking devices, such as the router and wireless access points. The Managed Network service includes a life-of-service limited warranty for equipment and cable installed by ValleyInternet. An additional monthly fee applies (minimum $8 or 2% of project total).

A Managed Network contract is established on a flexible month-to-month basis. If interrupted, the service agreement coverage encompassing installation, equipment upgrades, replacements and maintenance cannot be renewed at the same rate, and without a new onsite survey.

Each and every network is unique, and our team takes great care to ensure you receive the best service possible. A ValleyInternet technician must perform an onsite survey to confirm your current setup meets your needs or redesign your network if necessary before Managed Network service can begin. We charge a survey and design fee that goes toward our technician's time, gas, and proposal creation. This fee will be credited toward the project if you decide to proceed. Total project costs vary and can range from $200 to $1000+.

It's How You're Hardwired

Q - Can I stream Netflix or other video services over WiFi?

A - One word:  IT'S COMPLICATED!

Yes, it's truly arduous to stream these video services over WiFi, so hardwired is the way to fly, friends! Whether you choose Ethernet Handoff or Managed Network, please know that streaming movies or video over WIFI is unpredictable and the results are sketchy at best. Make that extremely unpredictable and exceptionally sketchy! Because we want you to enjoy an extraordinary experience, we highly suggest plugging your streaming device (Apple TV, Xbox, etc.) directly into your network with an Ethernet cable.

Download the full service agreement by clicking the PDF icon.