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When the health and reputation of your business are at stake, it is vital that you have a solid backup to your internet service.

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We’re certainly optimists, but the reality is that 
no internet connection can deliver 100% uptime.

If the answer to any of the following questions is “yes”, you may want to consider a standby link:

  • Do you use cloud-based software for day-to-day operations?
  • Are your credit card and sales transactions dependent upon your internet connection?
  • Are your phones dependent upon an internet connection?
  • Do you rely on your internet connection to communicate with your customers?
  • If you are offline for several hours, will your company experience significant losses?

Safeguard your business with
Valley Standby™

Prepare your business with
Valley Standby™ ValleyWave

Factors to consider 
when choosing a standby link:

Your standby internet connection should utilize a unique pathway to the internet. (Valley Internet's fixed wireless service is an ideal standby solution for your primary fiber or cable service).

Your standby internet connection should be stable and reliable. (Valley Internet has a long-standing reputation for a high-percentage up time, along with prompt customer service and technical support).

Your secondary internet connection should provide enough bandwidth to support your most critical operations during an outage. (Valley InternetStandby plans can offer up to 100Mbps download speed, depending on availability in your area).

Damaged Infrastructure

Windstorms and wildfires have recently wreaked havoc in many of our service areas, but even in the absence of a major event, disruption can occur with a simple failure of equipment or other more localized damage.

Fiber Outages

Network Congestion

Dedicated bandwidth for
your business.

Our ValleyStandby Fixed Wireless service offers an ideal backup to your primary fiber or cable internet service. We offer a reliable, robust service that should meet minimum bandwidth needs and also utilizes a wireless connection that is less susceptible to damage like downed or burned lines.



35-80 Mbps

$292 after monthly 10GB threshold

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55-120 Mbps

$388 after monthly 10GB threshold

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85-180 Mbps

$583 after monthly 10GB threshold

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*Residential Standby plans are available upon request, starting at $30/mo. Please contact us for more information.

Not all plans are available at all locations. We will need to perform an on-site survey to determine availability. Price is per month. Download and Upload speeds are in Mbit per second, although they are not guaranteed and may vary depending on a variety of factors, including signal and utilization.

ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY: ValleyStandby is designed strictly as a failover solution and should therefore only be used when your primary internet connection is down. Customers who surpass 10GB in one month’s billing period will be charged the full price* of the ValleyInternet plan they are using for failover. Once you have surpassed 10GB and are charged the full price for the month, you will not incur any additional charges for utilization. *Full prices: X1: *$292, X2: *$388, X3: *$583 based on 12-month term pricing.

"Our Valley Internet standby service is essential to keep our business running in these challenging times. We never lost our connection during the fires in 2017 and 2020 while ATT was down each time for many months. We couldn't live without it."

John K
winery owner in Napa

Frequenty Asked Questions

How much does it cost to set up ValleyStandby?

Setup costs vary and are based on a site survey. The standard installation fee is $575.

Where is ValleyStandby available?

ValleyStandby is currently available in Solano, Napa, and Lake county.

Why do I need to have a survey done before my installation?

The survey is needed to confirm line- of-site (LOS) to one of our towers. This literally means that we need to be able to see a tower with no obstructions (e.g., trees, bushes, buildings, etc.).

How does ValleyStandby work?

Our team will install a small outdoor antenna in line-of-sight to one of our towers, and inside your business we will run an ethernet connection that can be connected to your router. Your router must support dual WAN and failover functionality, and we expect you or your IT person to know how to configure it to properly failover.

Does ValleyStandby support BGP?

Yes! We’re able to setup BGP peering.

Does ValleyStandby have a residential package?

YES! Please contact us for more information on our residential standby packages, which are priced and designed for lighter, residential use.

Is ValleyStandby a shared or dedicated bandwidth?

ValleyStandby is based on our dedicated bandwidth Business Links.

our Community

Valley Internet was born with the spirit of helping and supporting our neighbors. We have multiple initiatives to better support our community with more coming in the future.

If you are an active duty, reserve, or veteran member of the US military or a first responder, we are happy to offer a discount on your installation fees.

We also support our local community by providing internet connections free-of-charge for local fire stations within our coverage areas.